We would be happy to explain the history of our house to you in small excerpts.

The historical foundation of the house is around 600 years old according to architectural evidence. Documentarily, the inn was first called “Schwarzer Adler” (“Black Hawk”) in 1498.
“Hawk” was a designation given to inns that were awarded the privilege to be a butcher, baker, brewer and burner.

The first official deed of ownership of the then innkeeper can be seen in the showcase of our entranceway. Up to 1950 about 30 owners were proven in the documentation, including the Fuggers. Since 1951 our family owns this tavern.

The famous popular author Ludwig Ganghofer, who grew up in Welden, schemed many a prank in our house. Ganghofer was also one of the first people who explored the Welden countryside by bike.

Even today, Welden offers excellent prerequisites for repose and recreation, with its variable surroundings and extensive forest area.
Ludwig Ganghofer (1855-1920)
Ludwig Ganghofer (1855-1920)