The Ganghofer-Stätte Welden at

the Landgasthof zum Hirsch

The “Ganghofer-Stätte Welden”, opened in the summer of 2005 in honor of the 150th birthday of Ludwig Ganghofer. It documents the life and impact of the family in and around Welden with the permanent exhibition “Habitats: The Gangofers in the Holzwinkel”.

Different stations invite the visitors to gain information in an entertaining way with multimedia information. It is thus that one learns about the childhood of rascal Ludwig Ganghofer, while sitting at a historic school desk. At a perch one is informed about the relationship of the Ganghofers to the forest. A table in the regular’s corner describes the intellectual Ganghofer, and the writing room documents the creation of his literary work. A royal Bavarian forestry company shows the typical work situation of a forester during those times in a neighboring room.

Admission free

Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm

(Closed on Mondays)


Childhood and youth: "The school desk"

Ganghofer in private: "The regulars’ table"

Joie de vivre: "The forest of his youth"